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What is PoultryCast®?

PoultryCast® is:
  • Convenient. Subscribe to PoultryCast at home or office. Transfer it to your MP3 player to listen whenever and wherever best for you.
  • Timely. PoultryCast is delivered via the Internet, or "podcast," twice a week. The targeted approach with this programming format ensures topical interest and allows for in-depth segments to more completely communicate the information.
  • Interest-driven. PoultryCast provides an overview of the stories that drive the market, including interviews with experts in the field. You'll quickly discover that PoultryCast does not waste your valuable time with unimportant or obvious information.
  • Interactive. The input and experiences of poultry professionals are an important part of each program. PoultryCast bridges the distance between poultry professionals and industry insiders by building a community of shared experience.
  • International. PoultryCast looks beyond the U.S. borders at production practices and economic factors around the world, as well as import/export requirements and legislative trends. PoultryCast cuts through the clutter and covers the issues critical to economic success. We invite you to subscribe to PoultryCast and join the conversation! It's easy and free.