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PoultryCast 0286, Do Consumers Care About Improved Technology?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0286 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Marty Strauss was a speaker and panelist at the recent Food Systems Summit where discussion focused on creatively communicating what today's agriculture provides; food safety, low cost, convenience, etc.  I asked Dr Strauss how to better bridge that gap when today's consumer doesn't really understand what they're getting and why. 

PoultryCast 0284, Food Marketing Institute Believes Transparency Is A Virtue

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  • Senior VP for communications at the Food Marketing Institute, Susan Bora discussed efforts underway at the Food Marketing Institute to better communications from retailer to consumers.  She shares her thoughts on transparency and foreknowledge of issues which might impact perception at the recent Food Systems Summit.

PoultryCast 0283, What Can We Learn From Consumer Research?

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What do farmers think about consumers?

consumer, farmer, and rancher survey
The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance's Survey of Farmers, Ranchers, and Consumers suggests that 93% of farmers and ranchers believe consumer's perception of US modern farming practices are somewhat or not accurate at all. The survey also notes that consumers are firmly divided on the direction of modern agriculture.

These and other survey observations were discussed in the Food Dialogues Town Hall, segments of which can be watched on-line.

PoultryCast 0264, How Consumers Think About Poultry And Livestock Producers

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PoultryCast 0154, NIAA - Lisa Katic Asks "Are They Getting The Right Message?"

PoultryCast 0154 Show Notes:

  • Registered Dietician Lisa Katic shared with attendees at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture's annual meeting information on who has the ear of your legislators and Washington's policy wonks and the message being sent.  Full presentation here.

PoultryCast 0115 for August 29 2008

PoultryCast 0115 Show Notes:

  • Center for Food Integrity overviews recent consumer trust survey.  Meeting in Indianapolis Oct 8 and 9, 2008
  • Moving livestock waste to difference regions gets underwritten for trials
  • Performance-based Ag Pollution Controls.. Huh?
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