PoultryCast 0304, How Can I Win With Science When The Debate Is Based On Emotion?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0304 Show Notes:
  • From the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit, author and science advocate Shawn Otto outlines the challenges in talking science to an uninformed public.  He also includes 'how to's' on arguing successfully for science. 
  • Link to 2012 Animal Ag Alliance Summit videos

PoultryCast 0269, Independence Day Special With Independent Leader Jack Welch

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PoultryCast 0248, Life After Business Setback - Where To From Here?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0248 Show Notes:

PoultryCast 0244, What Leadership Do You Need?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0244 Show Notes:

PoultryCast 0162, Part 2 - Leadership Considerations with Robert McDonald

PoultryCast 0162 Show Notes:

  • Second half of a special program from MIT's Sloan School of Management, Robert McDonald of Proctor and Gamble shares his experience and insight in moving an organization forward in tough times
  • MIT Management Videos

PoultryCast 0161, Part 1 - Leadership Considerations With Robert McDonald

PoultryCast 0161 Show Notes:

  • In the first half of this special program from MIT's Sloan School of Management, Robert McDonald of Proctor and Gamble shares the importance of character and values for management and company
  • MIT Management Videos

PoultryCast 0130 for December 12 2008

PoultryCast 0130 Show Notes:

  • Special leadership training conversation with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at Stanford University 

PoultryCast 0111 for August 1 2008

PoultryCast 0111 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation for leaders and leaders to be: eight elements of leadership presented by CEO of Berry Petroleum Robert Heinemann - conduct, business decisions and transactions based on a foundation of leadership and ethics

PoultryCast 0107 for July 3 2008

PoultryCast 0107 Show Notes:

  • You've heard of InBev's unsolicited takeover of American Original Bud. Hear now from InBev CEO Carlos Brita sharing thoughts on building a corporate culture. Good for you to consider regardless of company size
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