Monitoring the Drought

Drought Monitoring This Drought Monitor resource helps people plan short term and long term planting resource needs, harvest, vacation, gardens, and other water focused activities.

How Are Organic Sales Bucking the Trend?

organic poultry grows globally Going organic is a serious commitment that can pay off in global markets. While there has long been a general agriculture industry dismissal for organic production, it is what consumer want and will pay for it. Food distributors and processors are moving to serve that need on a large scale.
Despite the tough economic times, the organic market around the world is growing and going against the trend of generally falling sales, cuts and reduced expenditure.
Organic cannot be the only answer to agriculture production (read Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture) but it is an option to create strong value for producers. Farm operations that take the time to plan and understand the organic market and business model can be rewarded handsomely.

Expect More Public Review of Ag Operations

EPA and Poultry Hearing

Lewis Martin, West Pennboro Township in Cumberland County Pennsylvania, is proposing to build a 31,000 SF poultry barn located 1,645 feet from the Big Spring Creek watershed. In his National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit application, he proposes to disturb 8.24 acres to construct poultry houses on his property. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit application is required to address the project's erosion and sediment control and post-construction storm-water management.

"DEP [PA Dept of Environmental Protection] of has received numerous requests for a public hearing from citizens wanting to voice their concerns about the potential for runoff and disturbance to water sources from the poultry barns," DEP South-central Regional Director Rachel Diamond said. "Those comments are valuable to DEP and will be considered with final review of the permit application."

Of concern is the effect of the poultry operation on the Big Spring Creek watershed, which is a trout fishery and high-quality stream. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, to receive testimony.

White Paper: Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

White paper summary of the 2011 Antibiotic Use In Food Animals conference, October 26-27, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA.

DDGs Raise Potential For Necrotic Enteritis?

DDG and necrotic enteritis
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Dr. Ken Macklin, Auburn University, provides an overview of his International Poultry Scientific Forum on the effect of DDGs on necrotic enteritis. Dr. Macklin seems to believe there is a relationship between the two.

Good Poultry Transport Air Quality?

Poultry Transport Air Quality
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Dr. Malcomb Mitchell, Scottish Ag College, talks about transportation configurations which ensure animal comfort, harvest quality, and tunnel ventilating your transport.

PoultryCast 0291, End of Year - Leadership Training To Start The New Year Right

Download mp3PoultryCast 0291 Show Notes:
  • Ian Davis, retired Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company, recently shared his top five leadership traits with Stanford's Graduate School of Business students.  Ian has consulted with major international management leaders, seeing very good... and some not very good management teams.  This half hour program is a great thought provoker for your management team and might be a good point of initiation for the 'up and comers' that are ready for advancement.  Best wishes in the New Year!
  • Link to Ian Davis program oveview and bio
  • Link to YouTube presentation

Smithfield and Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
Audio via PoultryCast

Dennis Treacy shares what sustainability means to Smithfield.
There are five pillars Smithfield looks at when talking about sustainability: Protecting the environment, animal care, food safety, how we treat our employees, and the communities in which we operate.
Smithfield actively works to help consumers understand their company and improve the relationship. Yes, Smithfield is the largest pork producer in the world. Smithfield works to communicate with the outside world about what they do as a large company, sharing the Smithfield story.

PoultryCast 0289, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability - Key Considerations At Smithfield

Download mp3PoultryCast 0289 Show Notes:
  • Smithfield Foods, as a major player in the protein production industry, sees better consumer connections and corporate citizenship as keys to profitability.

PoultryCast 0288, Insuring Against Inclimate Weather At The Climate Corporation

Download mp3PoultryCast 0288 Show Notes:
  • The Climate Corporation provides insurance against weather.  Based on conditions in and around the growing season, this risk management tool provides coverage against the biggest unknown in our industry.
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