PoultryCast update for April 7, 2011, What Does Sustainability Need?

Nanoparticles may provide value in dealing with agricultural air emissions.  Researcher Dr. Bernardo Predicala discusses his specific interest in ammonia suppression but suggests the long-term outlook is positive across a range of contaminants.

PoultryCast 0257, Agriculture's Online Meeting Place

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  • seeks to provide a place where everybody knows your name... and comes from the same side of your virtual street.  Enter in to your online coffee shop conversations with confidence as you know who's in the room.

PoultryCast 0256, Which Is More Important? Who Gets Your Money Or Runs Your Business?

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PoultryCast 0248, Life After Business Setback - Where To From Here?

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Dr. Steve Meyer - How Will Ethanol and Corn Interact?


Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, provides an in-depth pork industry economic update, from the Swine Forecast 2011 webinar, December 1, 2010.


Key factors for 2011: Ethanol and biofuels policy; Grains and costs of production; Policy decisions; Macro-economic situation – esp. $US; Last month’s elections

PoultryCast 0247, Mastering House Management In Cold Weather

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  • Dr. Brian Fairchild at the University of Georgia joins us to discuss key areas of focus in managing your poultry house environment, especially under cold weather conditions.

PoultryCast 0246, Why You Need Poultry Certification Training

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PoultryCast 0244, What Leadership Do You Need?

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PoultryCast 0242, New Product Enhances WiFi Coverage In Rural Areas

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  • Ayrstone Productivity creates extended local wifi internet solutions which may solve distance or connection issues on your operation.   
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