PoultryCast 0220, Ag Economy Overview - Better Than The General Economy?

mp3PoultryCast 0220 Show Notes:
  • Taking a look at the agricultural economy in comparison with the anticipated rebound in the general economy with Brian Briggeman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  He talks with Eric Atkinson.

PoultryCast 0219, Evaluating Enzyme Effectiveness - Steps You Can Take

mp3PoultryCast 0219 Show Notes:
  • Practical tips on enzyme evaluations from Iowa State's Brian Richart.  Dr. Richart shares key points from his Midwest Poultry Convention presentation.

PoultryCast 0217, What Does The New Health Bill Hold For Agriculture?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0217 Show Notes:

PoultryCast 0214, Food Safety Technology And Imported Product Concerns

mp3PoultryCast 0214 Show Notes:

PoultryCast update for March 26, 2010, Corn & Soybean Markets This Growing Season

Survey information just released shows new home sales at an ‘all-time’ low. With the slow down in both consumer and commercial building markets, the availability of our preferred pine shavings continues to tighten. Research on river-sand as an alternative where the product is available has yielded positive results in turkey poults. It seems once the birds reach a weight where heat loss is less of a problem, they’re able to thrive for a multitude of reasons.
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