PoultryCast update for April 22, 2010, Evaluating Enzyme Effectiveness - Steps You Can Take

U.S. Poultry will return to Russia after negotiators agreed to provide supplies which had not been treated with a chlorine rinse to reduce Salmonella. The story was covered in the St. Petersburg Times.

It’s interesting to note the article mentions the renewed effort to increase domestic meat production in Russia. “President Dmitry Medvedev signed a new 'food security' doctrine in February, calling for, among other things, 85 percent of all meat consumed in the country to be produced domestically. In January, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia would be able to cease all poultry imports by 2015.” There are, of course, many forms of trade restrictions.

PoultryCast 0217, What Does The New Health Bill Hold For Agriculture?

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PoultryCast 0212, AVMA Weighs In On Antibiotic Resistance Development

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PoultryCast 0209, Review of Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

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PoultryCast update for February 11, 2010, Enzyme Supplementation of Corn-Based Diets

We continue to bring you conversations from IPE-IPSF as we talk with presenters following research highlighted at this important industry gathering. Good information for nutritionists given our recent interview with NCSU Grad Student Meghan Schwartz to discuss the effectiveness of enzyme use in broiler diets with and without DDGs. That follows on conversations about mycotoxins and phosphorus content variations in grain related to soil types and points of origination.

PoultryCast update for January 14, 2010, Impact of Russia Closing Market To U.S. Poultry For Chlorine Residue

The New Year starts off with hope of improved profitability and less volatility… OK, I said ‘hope’.
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