PoultryCast 0201, Reviewing 2009's Top Ag Law Provisions

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PoultryCast 0200, Russia Closes Market To U.S. Poultry For Chlorine Residue

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  • Russia recently shut down imports of U.S. poultry products due to Chlorine residues that exceeds their regulatory guidelines.  We talked with representatives from the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council about the issue and what it will take to reach resolution.

PoultryCast 0199, Federal Estate Tax and Health Bill Tax Implications

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  • Comments from Iowa State's Roger McEowen, with Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, as he joins Eric Atkinson to discuss the state of the Estate Tax and possible tax implications for a new Federal Health Plan.

PoultryCast 0198, American Feed Industry Association At World Poultry Expo

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PoultryCast 0197, How Will Carbon Legislation Affect Various Ag Segments?

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  • A group of Kansas State researchers evaluated several reviews of the House bill dealing with climate change and carbon credit markets to determine which segments of agriculture could be most affected.  Research assistant Bill Golden shares the results.

PoultryCast update for December 10, 2009, Senate Legislation Targets Pathogen-free Products, But Can It Be Done?

Is Pathogen-free possible? Legislators believe so with new requirements for testing in the mix. California Senator Feinstein said, "Food producers must be obligated to produce food that is free of pathogens. It is the responsibility of the food producer, not the consumer, to make sure our food safe to eat." National Chicken Council spokesman Richard Lobb covers current industry practices.

PoultryCast 0193, Climate Change Legislation Update and Impact Review

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  • Looking at the current state of climate change legislation and regulation with National Pork Producers Council's Chief Environmental Council Michael Formica at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in KC.

PoultryCast update for November 18, 2009, Climate Change Legislation Is Still Moving in Washington

PoultryCast brings you a special presentation from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, looking at Ag Lending issues, featuring Texas A&M’s Dr. Danny Klinefelter, director of The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) and co-director of the Texas A&M Family and Owner-Managed Business.

This valuable presentation overviews "The Forces Driving the Ag Credit Market and Its Impact on Producers". This presentation should be reviewed by your senior management team and others involved in the financial area of your operation.

Also this week is a conversation with Rick Krause, American Farm Bureau Federation’s Senior Director for Congressional Relations. Rick reviews the current climate legislation conversation in Washington and what it means for livestock and crop producers.

PoultryCast 0190, Climate Change Legislation Is Still Moving in Washington - What You Need To Know

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  • The climate for Climate Change Legislation in Washington is still stormy, its just hiding behind the health care debate clouds. American Farm Bureau Federation's Senior Director for Congressional Relations Rick Krause provides this update on an important topic.

PoultryCast 0189, What Consumers Want To Hear

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