Charlie Arnot - Consumers' Perceptions and Role in Understanding Current and Future Production Practices

Consumers' Perceptions and Role in Understanding Current and Future Production Practices - Charlie Arnot, CEO, Center for Food Integrity, from the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.

What Animal Feed Alternatives Should Be Considered?

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What are feed alternatives for producers? Corn is very expensive so alternatives are starting to include wheat middlings and dried distiller's grain. It is important to understand the impacts of using alternative feeds and put in place planning, including transportation costs and nutritional analysis.

Dr. Joel DeRouchey, K-State Professor/Extension Specialist, provides in depth information to consider and possible directions to take when looking at the feed alternatives. Dr. Joel DeRouchey is an Environmental Management and Livestock Nutrition Specialist with a 40% Extension, 40% Research, and 20% Teaching appointment at K-State.

PoultryCast 0257, Agriculture's Online Meeting Place

Download mp3PoultryCast 0257 Show Notes:
  • seeks to provide a place where everybody knows your name... and comes from the same side of your virtual street.  Enter in to your online coffee shop conversations with confidence as you know who's in the room.

PoultryCast 0255, How Can Planet Life Cycle Analysis Track Your Input Sources?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0255 Show Notes:
  • Planet Life Cycle Analysis identifies your supply sources to provide an 'early warning system' when something changes.  Milk protein from China?  A shortfall in your trace mineral sourcing?  Dr. Marty Matlock at the University of Arkansas explains why this analysis is important to industry sustainability.

PoultryCast 0254, Is Litter Stockpiling Your Bacterial Load?

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  • Auburn Grad Student Zachary Williams reports on his research looking at stratification of bacteria in poultry litter at varying depths and locations around your barn.  Interesting presentation from the recent International Poultry Scientific Forum.

PoultryCast 0253, How Does Heat Impact Poultry Diets With DDG's?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0253 Show Notes:
  • Purdue Graduate Research Assistant Mike Banks joins us to overview his presentation at the International Poultry Scientific Forum, "Metabolizable energy content of high protein distillers’ dried grains with or without solubles for laying hens, turkey poults and broiler chicks." (research details)

PoultryCast 0251, Mycotoxin Binder Research - Do They Work For You?

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  • Jessica Nixon, Poultry Science graduate student at North Carolina State University, shares her research on effectiveness of the mycotoxin binding solutions currently on the market.  While some producers have better luck with some products than others, Jessica's research shows a definate feed efficiency response.

PoultryCast 0250, To Defeat The Enemy, You Must Know Him... Targeting Darkling Beetle

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Dr. Steve Meyer - How Will Ethanol and Corn Interact?


Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, provides an in-depth pork industry economic update, from the Swine Forecast 2011 webinar, December 1, 2010.


Key factors for 2011: Ethanol and biofuels policy; Grains and costs of production; Policy decisions; Macro-economic situation – esp. $US; Last month’s elections

PoultryCast 0247, Mastering House Management In Cold Weather

Download mp3PoultryCast 0247 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Brian Fairchild at the University of Georgia joins us to discuss key areas of focus in managing your poultry house environment, especially under cold weather conditions.
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