PoultryCast 0219, Evaluating Enzyme Effectiveness - Steps You Can Take

mp3PoultryCast 0219 Show Notes:
  • Practical tips on enzyme evaluations from Iowa State's Brian Richart.  Dr. Richart shares key points from his Midwest Poultry Convention presentation.

PoultryCast 0216, Food Borne Mycotoxins, The Threat To Poultry

Download mp3PoultryCast 0216 Show Notes:
  • A conversation with Dr. Trevor Smith, University of Guelph, on his Mycotoxin presentation at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention, Food Borne Mycotoxins; The Threat To Poultry.

PoultryCast update for March 26, 2010, Corn & Soybean Markets This Growing Season

Survey information just released shows new home sales at an ‘all-time’ low. With the slow down in both consumer and commercial building markets, the availability of our preferred pine shavings continues to tighten. Research on river-sand as an alternative where the product is available has yielded positive results in turkey poults. It seems once the birds reach a weight where heat loss is less of a problem, they’re able to thrive for a multitude of reasons.

PoultryCast 0213, What Should Be Considered When Using DDGs In Poultry Feeds?

mp3PoultryCast 0213 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Danny Hooge of Hooge Consulting presented his thoughts on the use of DDGs in poultry rations and potential issues to be aware of at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention Pre-Show Nutrition Symposium.

PoultryCast update for March 11, 2010, Should You Rely on Bushel Weight as a Prime Feed Quality Factor?

Poor feed quality will likely play a role in industry productivity throughout the United States in the coming months. The Poultry Science Association warns nutritionists who rely on bushel weight as a prime factor for assessing quality may be missing an important part of the quality-evaluation picture.

“Adverse growing conditions and the potential for reduced bushel weight are one component of the corn quality equation. Unfortunately, determining a precise relationship between variability in bushel weight and the nutritional value of corn is problematic,” said Dr. Mike Lilburn, a poultry nutritionist in The Ohio State University’s Department of Animal Sciences.

PoultryCast 0211, IPE - River Sand Litter Shows Promise For Turkey Grow Out Phase

Download mp3PoultryCast 0211 Show Notes:
  • Work on litter alternatives at Penn State was profiled at the International Poultry Scientific Forum.  And the age of the bird is a key factor.

PoultryCast 0210, IPE - Ammonia Nuisance More Noise Than Substance

Download mp3PoultryCast 0210 Show Notes:
  • University of Georgia Extension Poultry Scientist Dr. Brian Fairchild reviews an International Poultry Scientific Forum presentation on downstream ammonia levels, looking at dispersal rates and comparisons to benchmark background levels.

PoultryCast 0208, IPE - Reducing Ammonia Volatilization By Feeding Char

Download mp3PoultryCast 0208 Show Notes:
  • Researchers at the University of Georgia looking at ways to use utilize biofuel byproducts discover a process to limit ammonia volitilization by feeding 'char' to broilers. 

Conversations from the 2010 International Poultry Expo

Convention conversations from the 2010 International Poultry Expo, January 27-29, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
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