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High School Poultry Education Available For Free

The future of agriculture is always in the youth who show an interest in how food is raised and produced. The U.S. Poultry & Egg Assn.'s (USPOULTRY) Poultry & Egg Institute has developed a series of courses aimed at engaging high school students and develop their understanding of the poultry industry.

The series of 13 lesson plans provides agricultural educators with a comprehensive curriculum resource to teach students about the commercial poultry and egg industry.

The lessons cover Introduction to the poultry industry; History of poultry production; Chicken genetics and reproduction; Turkey reproduction; Broiler production; Egg laying hens; Turkey production; Egg processing; Poultry processing; Niche poultry markets; Poultry anatomy and physiology; Poultry health and welfare, and Biosecurity.

CD versions of the lesson plans are available at no charge for USPOULTY members and high school agricultural educators. The CD may be ordered online, or the lesson plans can be downloaded at www.poultryegginstitute.org.

What's That Smell? Biofilter To Reduce Odor

What is that smell?

Ted Funk, a University of Illinois Extension agricultural engineer with the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE), and Matt Robert, an ABE research engineer, constructed two biofilters on the ABE research farm to reduce odor emissions by up to 90%.

"The new design uses 30-inch concrete silo staves that fit together like puzzle pieces," said Robert.

The biofilters media is expected to last between three and five years and cost about dollar per cubic foot per minute (cfm) of air handled.

"Reducing odor and being a good neighbor sound good until it comes to the pocketbook," said Funk. "Biofiltration has been around a long time in other industries, but it's never been brought down to a cost that the livestock industry can handle."