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PoultryCast Update for June 11, 2012, What About Antimicrobials in Poultry?

If you find the conversation frustrating when your guests use subjective, emotional arguments, the most recent post at PoultryCast could offer insight. Shawn Lawrence Otto is an author, filmmaker, political strategist, speaker, science advocate, and screenwriter and co-producer of the movie House of Sand and Fog. He was also keynote speaker at the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit, sharing thoughts on the dissonance between consumer perception and science reality. Curious on how to deal with that gap? He offers suggestions to better understand the soft side of that argument and win the day.

Dr. Hector Cervantes - Antimicrobial Use In Poultry Production

Antimicrobial Use In Poultry Production - Dr. Hector Cervantes, Senior Manager for Poultry Technical Services, Phibro Animal Health, from the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, March 26 - 29, Denver, CO, USA.

Dr. Christine Hoang - Antimicrobials in Poultry

Antimicrobials in Poultry - Dr. Christine Hoang, American Veterinary Medical Association, from the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, March 26 - 29, Denver, CO, USA.

Egg Marketing Trends

Specialty Egg Marketing Responds To Consumer Interests
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Ms. Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Coordinator with Hidden Villa Ranch, shares consumer perspective on specialty egg segments and where the market is headed.

PoultryCast Update for May 24, 2012, Housing Systems Impact on Welfare And Production

The Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference is in Indianapolis this week, with attendance over past years. We'll share a couple of interesting pieces from that event held in conjunction with the DSM Nutritional Products Technical Symposium. From the symposium, a good specialty egg marketing presentation by Ms. Brandy Gamoning of Hidden Villa Ranch looks at the potential for growth in the segment and where the interest is. She provides great thoughts on the consumer perspective as well [audio]. Also a conversation re: housing impact on egg quality and food safety with Dr. Tony Pescatore, University of Kentucky extension specialist, highlights issues growers need to watch when considering major housing change and investment [audio].