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What is a future America can hold?

What does the future of America hold? Some good perspective from a recent video series at the Wall Street Journal titled "America: A Portfolio of Ideas" featured several different perspectives and is highly recommended. To give you a feel for what it holds we share this brief audio featuring John Naisbitt (Megatrends) and Gloria Naisbitt on the influence of culture on our trading relationship with China.

PoultryCast 0280, Listening To Consumers, Retailers, Foodies and Farmers

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PoultryCast 0279, Can We Understand The Chinese Perspective?

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PoultryCast 0278, Can You Connect With Consumers In Chicago?

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US and China Playing Chicken on Poultry Trade

US and Chinese trade agreements and their implementation are going to the World Trade Organization because the US believes China is unfairly using tactics to keep US poultry out of China.
“Let me be clear: the US does not arbitrarily seek disagreements with China,” said Ron Kirk, US trade representative, as he unveiled the grounds for the US action. “But we won’t negotiate indefinitely, because US farmers, ranchers, small business owners and workers can’t afford to wait when their exports are being blocked and American jobs are at stake.”

PoultryCast 0272, Pew Environmental Group Unaware Of Real Poultry Environmental Progress

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Dr. Barbara Brito - Bioportal

Bioportal - Dr. Barbara Brito, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, University of California, Davis, from the 2011 World Pork Expo, June 8-10, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Safe, Abundant, and Global Food Supply?

Safe food Global Ag Ted McKinney, Senior Director of Global Affairs, Elanco Animal Health, presents an approach to help extend the conversation about global food production and the acceptance of global agriculture. Details also outlined in Making safe, affordable and abundant food a global reality whitepaper.

PoultryCast 0268, Will Food Biosecurity Planning Lessen Threat?

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  • In this special episode with Tech Nation's Dr. Moira Gunn, Tom Thornton, president and CEO of the Kansas Bioscience Authority discusses the need to tighten our international biosecurity firewall.  Special thanks to

Is Traceability Important to Trade?

meat trade and traceability Marcine Moldenhauer, Meat Link, LLC, explains the importance of traceability in protecting USA export trade.
Global consumers expect to know more and have assurance of higher food safety standards, this means traceability is needed.
From the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.
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