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PoultryCast 0255, How Can Planet Life Cycle Analysis Track Your Input Sources?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0255 Show Notes:
  • Planet Life Cycle Analysis identifies your supply sources to provide an 'early warning system' when something changes.  Milk protein from China?  A shortfall in your trace mineral sourcing?  Dr. Marty Matlock at the University of Arkansas explains why this analysis is important to industry sustainability.

PoultryCast 0241, How Will Agriculture Fare In Season Of Uncertainty?

Download mp3PoultryCast 0241 Show Notes:
  • Talking with Jim Kielkopf, economist for AgriBank, about how economic uncertainty has impacted producer decisions and what role speculators and hedge fund industry play in agriculture along with the global increase in commodity prices.  

PoultryCast 0228, How Will Changing Food Trends In North America Impact My Operation?

mp3PoultryCast 0228 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Elizabeth Sloan, trends columnist with Food Technology Magazine, shares with Bruce Cochrane,, her thoughts on food trends and changing demand in the Canadian marketplace.

PoultryCast 0222, Coping With Animal Law Claims

mp3PoultryCast 0222 Show Notes:
  • John Simpson, partner at Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP, discusses recent rulings and explains strategies for dealing with activist lawsuits.

PoultryCast 0221, Why Agro-Terrorism Is Limited

mp3PoultryCast 0221 Show Notes:
  • David Silverberg, Founding Editor of Homeland Security Today magazine, responds to the audience question of why the food supply has not been targeted. 

PoultryCast 0207, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Looks At The Future Of Business

Download mp3PoultryCast 0207 Show Notes:
  • This special episode from Standford's School of Business 'View From The Top' speaker series looks at the future of business and corporate stakeholder.  Interesting perspective which may impact the way you view your company

PoultryCast update for January 14, 2010, Impact of Russia Closing Market To U.S. Poultry For Chlorine Residue

The New Year starts off with hope of improved profitability and less volatility… OK, I said ‘hope’.
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